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Find out what our Director of Research, George Pruitt, feels are the some of the best systems out there! Get George’s Picks: Top Consistent Performing Systems Report and you’ll see a Detailed Report, Private Opinion Letter, Composite Report, Summary Report AND Equity Curve on systems that he feels are the best systems available today. Systems are chosen based on past performance, experience of the developer, time since release date and other factors.

Reports are currently updated through October 31, 2013. Systems within report: Aberration, Andromeda, BigBlue2, Delphi2, Dollar Trader for Currencies, Early Bird 2, Golden SX, Hi-Prob, I-Master, Impetus, R-Mesa, RSG, Simple Harmony, Stemwinder, Super Turtle, TrendWeaver.

Blog followers can SAVE $50 OFF this report through November 30, 2013.