How To Choose A Trading System: 7 Numbers Every Trader Must Learn



Learn what to look for in a trading system.  Are you confused by all the numbers shown by systems. This will show you the 7 key numbers you need to know as a guide to the future earning prospects of any system.  Learn how to calculate Trade Expectancy, Risk of Ruin and so much more.

Read on for a glimpse into this book…

The world of system trading is full of claims and promises. “Make a million dollars by next Tuesday trading pork bellies”.  Yeah, right!  You’ve seen the claims all over the internet and in the backs of trading publications.

Who do you believe? Futures Truth was created to shed light on the claims of these system “vendors” – to separate the scams from the potentially profitable trading methods.

Futures Truth founder, John R. Hill says “eventually, good systems showed up.”  Futures Truth magazine reports the unbiased performance results of over 250 publicly offered trading systems in every issue.

This report will teach you what to look for in a system you want to trade on your own hard earned money.

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